Overwatch (Brazilian Portuguese) #12

Por Michael Chu
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“I fought to survive, and I’m willing to fight for the world, too.”

The latest installment in our series of digital comic shorts, “Uprising,” takes place in the years before the fall of Overwatch.

In “Uprising,” we witness a flashpoint in the conflict between humans and omnics. On the eve of the groundbreaking for England’s new home for omnics, London is attacked by Null Sector, an extremist faction of robots fighting for equal rights no matter the cost. With Overwatch blocked from interfering, Strike Commander Jack Morrison must decide whether to disobey orders or stand by while thousands of lives are in peril.

Características do eBook

Aqui estão algumas informações técnicas sobre este eBook:

  • Autor(a): Michael Chu
  • ASIN: B076JJ3RVB
  • Editora: Dark Horse
  • Idioma: Português
  • Tamanho: 47656 KB
  • Nº de Páginas: 12
  • Categoria: HQs, Mangás e Graphic Novels

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